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We offer both side mount and back mount technical dive training.  From diver level introduction to tech through Advance Trimix Instructor Training. Any question just ask.  Not only do we provide top notch training our staff run trips all over the great lakes to the most remote and advance wreck sites.  So we are still there to take and mentor you along the way while reaching your personal goals!

Necessary Equipment & Recommended hose routing:
Back Mount -
Back plate
Classic style wing
Doubles with isolator or large single cylinder with dual outlet.
Right post with 7’ hose for primary & inflator for wing
Left post 24 or 26 inch hose for back up reg (backup on necklace),
inflator hose for drysuit & 24 to 28 inch high pressure hose and pressure gauge
(hose lengths are recommended lengths)

Side mount - 
Quality side mount harness
Appropriate sized cylinders preferably with right and left hand valves
Right post with 7’ hose for primary & Drysuit inflator hose 16", 6' HP hose with SPG
Left 40" inch hose for back up reg (backup on necklace), inflator hose for drysuit & 6" inch HP hose and SPG 
(hose lengths are recommended lengths)

Two Computers/depth gauges/bottom timers(wrist mount is preferable) Aluminum deco bottle rigged for under arm, with reg on 40” hose and pressure gauge on 6” hose (recommended to have 2 for weekend dives so it is not necessary to refill between dives) Minimum 40 cuft. Back up lights carried on harness Primary light, preferably canister Two cutting tools, preferably knife on waist and shears in pocket Lift bag with spool or reel minimum of 100” line and some way to carry Slate or wet notes White duct tape and black sharpie Stop watch Clear contact paper for laminating tables Exposure suit - with leg pockets recommended Recommended Equipment Spare mask Velcro bellows pockets on thighs of drysuit DIN 1st stages All regulators the same DIN or Yoke 2nd stages to have removable face no tools needed 02 analyzer Stencils Neoprene mask strap Second deco bottle